Economics of Climate

Climate Change Economics and Policy

Sustainable Technologies and Engineering Solutions

Renewable Energy and Green Technology

Climate Change Mitigation and Carbon Reduction

Natural Resource Management and Conservation

Natural Resource Management and Conservation

Climate Change and Global Governance

Climate-related litigation and legal challenges

Progressive Law in The Midst of Climate Change

Policy analysis and recommendations for climate change mitigation and adaptation

Climate finance and funding mechanisms and regulations

Legal aspects of climate-induced displacement and migration


Teaching and learning (planning’s, process, and evaluation)

Teacher competency

Learning approach

Teaching strategy

Learning methods

Technical of learning

Internalization of value’s

Character building

Curriculum management


Education management based on ecopedagogical approach

Technological Solutions and Engineering Innovations

Optimization of industrial system

Process technology, catalyst and materials for energy

Renewable Energy and Green Technology

Renewable energy development

Environmental security

Psychology of Climate Change

The role of psychological resilience in facing global challenges

Inclusive leadership and perceived psychological safety

Psychological & Mental Health First Aid for All

Youth and Mental Health

Communication for Climate Action

Data Science for Business Intelligence Strategy

Data science for human life

Data-Driven Business Modelling, Data-Driven Process Mining and Innovation

Artificial intelligence for uncertainty problems


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Notification of Abstract Selection Results


Full Paper Submission Deadline


Implementation Date

Meet Our Keynote Speakers

Economic Expert

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A leading economist from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UITM) Malaysia, who will discuss the economic implications of climate change, sustainable economic growth strategies, and green economic practices.

Education Expert

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An educational expert from the Philippines or AmericanUnion which will discuss the role of education in developmentnawareness of climate change and ecopedagogy as important toolsnto include environmental issues in the curriculum

Legal Expert

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A legal scholar who will explain the role of legal frameworks in governing environmental policy, emissions control, international climate agreements, and legal challenges related to climate change.

Technology Expert

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A technologist who will discuss technological innovation and engineering solutions that play a role in mitigating and adapting to climate change. This may include discussion of renewable energy technologies and infrastructure that is resilient to climate change.

Computer Science Expert

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A computer scientist from Thailand who will discuss how computer science, climate modeling, data analysis and artificial intelligence can be applied in climate research and better understanding the complex dynamics of climate change

Psychology Expert

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A psychologist who will highlight the psychological aspects of climate change, including human behavior, attitudes, and decision-making processes that influence responses to environmental challenges.

Communication Expert

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A communications expert who will discuss the important role of communication in shaping public perceptions and producing behavioral changes in the face of climate change. This includes effective communication strategies and the translation of scientific findings into concrete actions.


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